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Using electricity safely

The safe and efficient use of electricity in the home is important for your family’s welfare and may assist you to reduce electricity usage and your costs. Keep your family safe by ensuring all electrical appliances and equipment in and around your home are safe to use and in good working order. Safe use of…Read More→

Ways to increase your Rental Income

Securing a strong yield in rental income is the strategy of many property investors. Strengthening this further doesn’t always have to rely on market conditions improving. Here are some tips: Replace Appliances – replacing the tired old oven or stove or adding a new dishwasher always adds to the appeal of a property. Adding security…Read More→

End of Tenancy Clean

We have all seen and heard the stories of the tenants from hell when a tenant vacates, however not every tenancy ends on a bad note. Actually, MOST tenants do their best to do the right thing during and at the end of their tenancy… however things can go wrong. In order to minimise the…Read More→

Pets in Rental Properties

It is natural for property investors and property managers to be wary of allowing pets into a rental property based upon a prior experience or concerns over what could happen. Should we decide to allow a pet in the rental property, some firm guidelines should be placed at the start of the tenancy and written…Read More→

The dangers of contracting uninsured Tradespeople

We are all aware that litigation is common in our society today, being influenced by the litigious attitudes. With newspaper, television and internet media commonly making us aware of litigation cases for the purposes of maximising readership and selling advertising space, the result of that exposure is that litigation has become more commonplace. Property management…Read More→

Be proactive with maintenance

Have you ever answered a call from your Property Manager or Tenant with “How much this time? What’s next?” You’re not alone! Imagine the tenant’s side… “Another call to report another thing broken down!” That may not be the case for your property but this is how some tenants feel. We encourage you to be…Read More→

What is a Fixed Term Tenancy?

A Fixed Term Tenancy Agreement is an agreement that has a set or fixed expiry date and cannot be extended past that date. There are no continuation or carry over provisions on such agreements. A Fixed Term Agreement occurs commonly when a property is on the market for sale or the owner intends to re-occupy…Read More→

Landlord Insurance is a must!

Now is the time to check the extent of insurance cover that you have on your investment property. Does your policy include building, contents, strata (in the case of a unit), legal liability, loss of rent and malicious damage? It is wise to insure your investment in the event of a natural disaster, storm damage,…Read More→

Reduce Hot Water Costs

Regardless of the type of hot water system you use, here is a number of common-sense ways to reduce the amount of hot water you use and pay for: • Install a low-flow shower head for a satisfying shower using the minimum amount of water. • Take shorter showers. Use a shower timer to encourage…Read More→