Renter Cooperation goes a long way when selling!


If you are looking at selling an investment property it is important to consider the renter in the situation and understand that they can often feel their security and enjoyment of the premises has been affected.

Renters can cause quite a bit of a problem and hinder viewing inspections should we not be able to get their cooperation. Though legislation requires that Renters allow viewing inspections to potential purchasers, the delays and legal process will cause everyone a lot of inconvenience.

Therefore it is important if you are thinking of selling to discuss this first with your managing agent who can then work with your renter to grant you the access you require in a diplomatic manner.

Sometimes however it might be necessary to offer the renter some monetary compensation. Let’s face it, if the sale is going to reap some big monetary rewards it makes good sense to ensure the process is smooth and possibly invest a little to ensure that it does. This can also result in better presented properties as well as cooperation with access.

Selling does require good planning and thinking ahead so be sure to contact us first before listing your property for sale.

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