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Choosing a good Rental Property

Doing your research on the area in which you’re planning to invest is paramount to maximising your rental return. Some of the questions you might ask include: 1. What type of property has the highest rental demand in the market 2. Which properties see the lowest turnover of renters 3. Which times of year see…Read More→

Paying off your home loan quicker

Is paying off your home or investment loan quickly a high priority for you? It seems there are new loans and investment strategies birthed daily. Although this may be an exaggeration, it does make sense to be educated in this regard. By restructuring how you use your current bank account/s, credit card/s and home loan/s,…Read More→

Zero Tolerance To Rental Arrears

Despite our zero tolerance arrears policy and encouragement of our Renters to set up direct debits, unfortunately some Renters will not pay on time. In the event, our renter’s rent payment falls into arrears we take immediate action. We will call the renter to ascertain the cause of the rent arrears and do all we…Read More→

Know your Market!

Unfortunately as Landlords we don’t get to choose the market conditions in which our property becomes vacant. Even long-term tenants move on at some stage. Maybe you have been unfortunate with a string of short-term tenancies. Vacant rental properties affect your overall annual income. For every week that your property is vacant your annual return…Read More→

Property Owner’s Duty of Care

We have all heard of tragic deaths resulting from house fires, faulty construction & carbon monoxide poisoning, to name a few. It is vital that property owners are aware of the potential risks and the importance of maintaining the rental property to a safe standard. In this blog we highlight the risks associated with construction…Read More→

Servicing heaters and appliances

When renting a property, appliances like air-conditioners, gas heaters, dishwashers and sometimes fridges can be made available for use by renters. Should these appliances be supplied, some simple rules need to be understood as to avoid any surprises later on. Repairing/Replacing the appliance If an appliance breaks down, it will need to be repaired or…Read More→

Buying safe electrical appliances

All prescribed electrical appliances and equipment must be approved prior to being made available for supply. Approved electrical appliances display a regulatory compliance mark (RCM) or a unique safety approval number. What to look for when buying an electrical appliance: • Approval markings can vary between states. Typically they are an alphanumeric code, comprising the…Read More→