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Beware of Discrimination

People often say they do not discriminate, but the reality is that often they do without realising it. Discrimination is an issue within the property management industry that must be considered. As a Property Manager or Landlord we must be aware that we cannot discriminate. It is human nature that you may have preferences of…Read More→

Finding the right Tenant

Securing a suitable tenant for your investment property is not as simple as opening the door and letting people see inside, handing out an application form and getting a lease signed! We require all prospective tenants to inspect your property. This allows us to conduct an initial interview with the tenant and ask them some…Read More→

Selecting the right Tradesperson

It seems to be accepted that when appointing a contractor to do work on an investment property that the cheapest quote is always the best. This accepted rule of thumb couldn’t be further from the truth. We have found that the cheapest quote is not necessarily the best quote at all. When appointing a contractor…Read More→

Steps to releasing a bond

There is more to the vacating process than a final inspection and releasing the bond. Below is a checklist to follow to ensure that all of the bases are covered before you release the tenants’ bond. 1. Tenant responsibilities: Has the tenant given the correct notice in writing? Are they breaking their lease? Are they…Read More→

Tips for Property Investment Success

There are four key things you can do to accelerate your climb up the property ladder. Investing in property can involve significant financial commitment and also requires regular dedicated time and effort. Before making your investment, it is worthwhile seeking the advice of a financial adviser and considering the following top tips that may help…Read More→

Found the right Tenant? Keep them!

Happy Landlord, Happy Agent – that’s only part of the story. Should tenants only hear from us when they do the wrong thing? Late rent, inspections not up to scratch, gardens overgrown! Then there is the need to contact them for maintenance or appointments. At these times, working together with the tenant is a beneficial…Read More→

Why a building inspection report is so valuable

We are recommending to our Landlords to consider obtaining a building inspection report on their investment property as an extension of our routine inspections. Our routine inspections are inspections to report on the tenant’s care and maintenance of your property and to detail any suggested preventative maintenance. As we are not qualified building inspectors, a…Read More→

Mistaking cheap fees for Quality Service

In property management we see many property investors making the mistake of assuming that all real estate companies are the same and all offer the same service. They believe that the best way to differentiate between them is to get cheaper fees. However we have found a common pattern amongst agents; the cheaper they get…Read More→