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Newsletter, End of Tenancy clean

We have all seen and heard the stories of the renters from hell when a renter vacates, however not every tenancy ends on a bad note.

Actually, MOST renters do their best to do the right thing during and at the end of their tenancy… however things can go wrong.

In order to minimise the potential for any damage or cleaning required to your property at the end of the tenancy, we issue your renter with a pre-vacate checklist.

Our pre-vacate checklist not only outlines the date in which the keys are to be returned and the date in which rent is to be paid to but also includes a cleaning guide. Our cleaning guide incorporates the areas that require additional attention room by room appliance by appliance.

From our experience we find that most bond disputes centre around the cleanliness of the kitchen and bathroom areas and cleanliness of carpet. There are often differing interpretations of fair wear and tear and our cleaning guide is designed to eliminate such confusion by clearly setting out our expectations before the renter vacates. We work on the premise that a renter cannot come to us and say that “we weren’t aware of what we had to do” or “I didn’t have to do this where I rented before”.

Our pre vacate checklist is designed to ensure that all steps are taken by the renter to ensure that the property is left in good order and that the rental is ended to the best advantage of all concerned. The property is left in good, clean condition and the renter receives a full bond refund.

By pre-framing the vacating requirements we are protecting your interests and also doing our best to ensure that the property is presented to the best possible standard by the outgoing renter.

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