Found the right Renter? Keep them!


Happy Renter Provider, Happy Agent – that’s only part of the story.

Should renters only hear from us when they do the wrong thing? Late rent, inspections not up to scratch, gardens overgrown! Then there is the need to contact them for maintenance or appointments. At these times, working together with the renter is a beneficial outcome for all involved. It is when we go beyond the normal dealings and recognise the little things and reward our renters that we make a valuable renter ‘Happy.’ Incentives go a long way. We think it is therefore, worth the effort put in to retainging them!

Here are just a few simple ideas of how you may value a good renter…

• Certificate of Encouragement‘ for a renter who consistently pays on time
• Kids certificate for a tidy room at an inspection– parents do the cleanup but both will get a kick out of it
• Reduce their water bill for maintaining gardens to a high standard
• Small renovations such as updating the property with new carpets, fresh paint or a new appliance, e.g. dishwasher
• Small gift during the year or for an occasion such as Christmas, birthday or birth of a child

Even a simple thank you phone call from the Agent on behalf of the Renter Provider can be the little thing that shows the renter they are valued.

Reward and recognise good renters and increase your chance of retaining them!

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