Finding the right Renter


Securing a suitable renter for your investment property is not as simple as opening the door and letting people see inside, handing out an application form and getting a lease signed!

We require all prospective renters to inspect your property. This allows us to conduct an initial interview with the renter and ask them some qualifying questions so that we can ascertain their suitability and find out why they are moving and how soon they can move in.

During this process we also listen to what the prospective renter tells us about themselves. We do find that in some instances what people tell us at the inspection is different to what their rental application tells us. We proceed with caution with processing this type of application.

We require all prospective renters to fill in a detailed rental application form which must be fully completed. The application is to be accompanied with 100 points of identification, employment confirmation and rental history & references.

We then call the rental and employment referees to verify the information provided and to ask a series of questions that enables us to make an informed decision as to the applicant’s suitability to your property.

We then cross check the information provided through a rental default database to confirm the details provided to us.

We will then contact you to discuss the applicant’s profile, our reference check findings and the terms that the applicant wishes to lease the property.

Although the final decision to approve or decline an application is yours, we will base our recommendations to you upon our first inspection interview and the information contained in the application and the reference check findings.

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