Be proactive with maintenance

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Have you ever answered a call from your Property Manager or Renter with “How much this time? What’s next?”

You’re not alone!

Imagine the renter’s side… “Another call to report another thing broken down!” That may not be the case for your property but this is how some renters feel.

We encourage you to be proactive with maintenance. Between tenancies is the perfect time. Have a tradesperson inspect your property to repair and report on what may need fixing in the future. A friendly call to your renter to see if there is something you can do, instead of them phoning can make a big difference. A little forward planning can help alleviate stress of another call and keep your renters happy.

Naturally we can assist with any of these tasks, so please let us know should you want us to contract a tradesperson to give you a detailed report of what might need repairing and renovating.

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